On Impatience and Getting Older

I’ve decided to write about something more personal today. This post is based off an observation I made earlier in the week and brought up on Facebook, but it’s also about a topic that’s often been on my mind as of late.

Watching the foot traffic in Coolidge Corner, I was bothered by how in a hurry everyone was. They had little sense of self-preservation when crossing the street to catch the train. Apparently, having to wait an extra ten minutes to get on the next one is a fate far worse than being clobbered by on-coming traffic, but traffic safety isn’t my point. I’m saddened by the pace at which ‘we’, as in the royal we, move at. There’s no longer any time to stop and appreciate moments, because we are always moving on to the next great thing or being distracted by something else (hello cellphone).

I’m not criticizing from up on my high horse. I’m equally as guilty at times. In some ways it has gotten worse over the years, but in other ways I think I’ve improved. People have told me that as one gets older you either will gain patience or lose it. I think the truth is somewhere inbetween. I don’t feel like I can move at the same rushed pace that I used to in my early twenties, and multitasking is definitely getting more difficult. While sometimes I try to keep up, I kind of like that I’m moving at slower pace. It allows me to be more in the moment, something I’ve always had trouble with. I’m truly amazed by how much I probably missed out on over the years due to always looking toward the future.

That being said, I think a lot of my desire to slow things down has been brought on by the perceived increase of speed in which life is moving. It’s 100% true that time moves faster as you get older. My days and weeks melt away into a slurry of nothingness, each week feeding into the next. My sense of time is getting worse. I’m doing what I can to put the brakes on, because I feel like I should be doing more with my life than I currently am. It’s amusing, almost paradoxical. I’m growing more impatient for things to happen in my overall life, but I’ve been trying to accomplish this by slowing things down day-to-day. I’m not wholly sure that it’s working, but I’m also not sure what else to do. I wonder what it all means, or if there’s a better way to live life? It probably means nothing!


Actually, it probably means I’m turning thirty soon…

#NotQuiteMidLifeCrisis :)?