New Beginnings

Tony and I have decided to each start our own personal blogs. This is an excellent platform for each of us to voice our own opinions and write about things we want to write about without worrying too much about fitting into the neat little box that is our business, Fifth Exile.

With a title like ‘This Is My End’ and the clock imagery, it may appear as if I’m going for a blog that adheres to a theme, but this is not wholly true. Granted, I do have an obsession with time, life, death, and morality, and these things will surely be prominently featured in posts and stories on this blog. That being said, I’m not beyond writing the occasional random rant or review of a piece of entertainment media. Basically, I’ll write what I want, probably steering clear of hot political topics… probably. You guys are welcome to come along for the ride… or not.

As a fair warning, unlike our book, the posts on both Tony and my own blog have NOT gone through professional editing. So rest assured, any flubs you see on here, especially from me, is not indicative of anything :).

Oh yes, and Tony’s blog, Aesynthetic, can be found under the ‘Personal Points of Interest’ menu.

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