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Coranox Print Edition

The first volume of our science fiction fantasy series, Coranox, has been available for pre-order through for some time now. While our e-book is awesome, we understand that some will always prefer physical media to any electronic format. We’ve been hard at work on setting up a print edition, and today we’re pleased to announce that pre-orders are NOW OPEN for a paperback version of Coranox!

The print edition contains the full text from the e-book minus the additional interior illustrations found in the digital edition. It also features a special black-and-white version of the cover. We are currently only taking pre-orders for U.S. customers on our site and will do our best to ensure pre-orders will be shipped by the release date. The print edition will be made available in other countries through online retailers shortly after the release date.

You may pre-order either version of Coranox on our brand new Order Page, which will be updated frequently with a comprehensive listing of where you can purchase the book.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

Coranox Preview

We have a major update for you today with only a month to go before Coranox is released.

A free preview of our book is now available on our site. The preview encompasses approximately the first third of the book, but it does not include the illustrations that will be present in the full version. The preview is in .epub format and can be viewed by an e-reader device or application that opens .epub files.

To download the file and for instructions on how to view it, please visit the Volume I Summary page or click the following link:

Coranox Preview

We hope that you enjoy this extended look at Coranox and find it worth your while to purchase the final product! The above file is considered shareware. Please feel free send the above link to everyone and anyone!