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Today, we would like to announce the launch of our author blogs. You may have noticed there’s now a new menu item in the left navbar that provides links to both Tony’s and Brent’s blogs.

While these blogs reside on the Fifth Exile domain, they are separate entities from the main site and are for their owners’ personal use. Official news and updates for Fifth Exile and Coranox news will continue to appear on the main sites. User registration and commenting on the author blogs is up to the discretion of each author. As such, you’ll need to register for each one if you wish to comment on any posts.

The purpose of the author blogs is to provide a platform for the authors to express their voices on all topics, not just those that are related to Fifth Exile or Coranox. Perhaps you might find one or both to be of interest. At the very least, they might provide some interesting context on the Coranox project and the collaboration between the two authors.


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