Coranox Now on Sale

Coranox Release

We’re finally here! It has been a long journey for us, but we have now reached our first major milestone. As of today, Coranox is available for purchase in print and as an e-book. Our new online shop is live here.

The new store offers a digital text-only preview of the book. The first third of Coranox is available as a FREE download at the top of the page. We highly encourage you to sample the results of eight years of hard work.

Below that, you will find links to the various outlets from which you can purchase a digital or print copy of the book. In addition, we also have several prints of artwork for sale. Drawn by Paul Canavan, these paintings include emblem designs, cover art, the character mural featured on the website, and the interior illustrations found within the digital version of the novel. The interior illustrations contain minor spoilers for the book, but we decided to release them for readers and new visitors alike to own these wonderful pieces separately.

We’ll have more announcements from Fifth Exile and additional content on the Coranox website rolling out in the coming days and weeks. Please check back with us for frequent updates!

WordPress Upgrade

Welcome to the new Fifth Exile. We finally made the leap and turned the site into a blog, but this is just the beginning. We’ll have some more surprises in the coming weeks in conjunction with the release of our first novel, Coranox.

You can now register on the site and freely comment. Your opinions are always welcome. Probably. Definitely. Maybe.