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New Short Story


We previously announced a new series of short stories tied to the Coranox universe, three of which were slated for release this year, and as promised, the first of our short stories is out now. Coranox: Deterrent is available as a FREE download in a variety of digital formats. It also will be included as part of both the digital and print versions of Volume II, out February 2017.

A year has passed since the flames of war have engulfed Moriana in violence and chaos. After a series of decisive victories, the Amelarens devise a malicious plot to crush the Coranthian spirit once and for all. Told from three different perspectives, Deterrent is a short story between Volumes I and II of Coranox that follows the dark repercussions of psychological warfare as it spills from the battlefield to the throne.

Download Now

Volume II Release Date

We’ve been hard at work since these last several months. Today, we are happy to announce that the second installment of our Coranox series will be released February 2017, two years to the month after the publication of the first volume.


Leading up to February, we will provide regular updates and release a substantial amount of new Coranox content. Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming weeks!

Boston Comic Con 2015

It was a great time at Boston Comic Con this past weekend. We met a lot of awesome people! Here is an image of our booth at the event:


Next up, Connecticut Comic Con at the Mohegan Sun August 14-16.

Speaking of awesome people we met at Boston Comic Con, we were lucky to have our booth right next to horror author, John L. Campbell, creator of the best-selling zombie series, Omega Days. He’s a really great guy! If you like Walking Dead-style zombie fiction or horror story collections, you should check him out. We started reading the first book in the zombie series, and it’s quite good. You can find more info on his facebook page or his website.

Coranox Update

It’s been some time. Let’s do an update!

Less than two weeks left until Boston Comic Con. We’ve been busy putting together a new booth. It will be glorious… probably smile emoticon. At the Comic Con we will be selling the digital and physical copies of Coranox. There will be discounts, special bundles, and some freebies. So if you’re attending, stop by! We’d love to meet you.

Our convention schedule for 2015 is as follows:
-Boston Comic Con, July 31-Aug 2
-Connecticut Comic Con, Aug 14-16
-New York Comic Con, Oct 8-11
-Boston Book Festival (Tentative) – October 24

Now on to site and book updates!

Our site, has gone through some UI changes and a few new items have been added, including an in-browser version of the free Coranox extended preview. Another thing to note is that the physical copies of Coranox are now purchasable only through us and not online retailers. Don’t worry, there are legit business reasons for it. It’s not an ominous sign!

Finally, yes, we are working on Book 2. It is coming along. Our artist, Paul Canavan, can attest to us working on Book 2 as we have commissioned work for it. That being said, don’t expect a release in the near future. These things take time, and we want to make it the best it can possibly be. We’re updating you guys, because we want to assure you this series is happening. You needn’t worry about committing to something that will never be finished. There are firm plans for six volumes. Our home page even says so!

Announcing More Events

As mentioned in a previous post, Fifth Exile will be attending Boston Comic Con later this year. We would like to take this time to announce all of our currently scheduled events, including one that is rapidly approaching.

Fifth Exile will have a booth at Special Edition NYC ( on the weekend of June 6-7.

Next up is the Boston Comic Con (, which runs July 31-August 2.

Boston Comic Con will be shortly followed by the Connecticut Comic Con ( running August 14-16.

And finally, the BIG one. New York Comic Con runs October 8-11.

If you are attending any of these events, stop by our table! We’ll have copies of Coranox, artwork for sale, and swag.